Resources for Elementary Mathematical Writing

Check out the original recommendations of the Elementary Mathematical Writing Task Force in an overview provided in this white paper.

Casa, T. M., Firmender, J. M., Cahill, J., Cardetti, F., Choppin, J. M., Cohen, J., … Zawodniak, R. (2016). Types of and purposes for elementary mathematical writing: Task force recommendations.

Realize how to engage elementary students in reasoning through mathematical writing in this Teaching Children Mathematics article in their 2017 Focus Issue addressing Learning Mathematics Through Reasoning and Problem Solving.

Firmender, J. M., Casa, T. M., & Colonnese, M. W. (2017). Write on: Reasoning through mathematical writing. Teaching Children Mathematics, 24(2), 84-92.

Support young students’ mathematical writing, and more.

Dorl, J., Casa, T. M., & LaBella, E. (2022). Developing expressive mathematical language in your students. Young Children, 77(3), 32-41.

Get practical advice for how to implement mathematical writing in the appendix and learn how the guidelines were developed.

Colonnese, M. W. (2020). The development of instructional guidelines for elementary mathematical writing. School Science and Mathematics, 120, 129–143.

Have the question, “Why should students write in math class?” answered in this Educational Leadership article in their Disciplinary Literacy-themed issue.

Casa, T. M., Evans, K., Firmender, J. M., & Colonnese, M. W. (2017). Why should students write in math class? Educational Leadership (Disciplinary Literacy theme), 74(5).

Hear about calls to craft a research agenda for writing to reason mathematically.

Casa, T. M., Choppin, J. M., & Moschkovich, J. N. (2020). Crafting a research agenda for writing to reason mathematically. Retrieved from

Learn about a synthesis of what is available in the research literature that focused on assessments, interventions, and surveys attending to math writing.

Powell, S. R., Hebert, M. A., Cohen, J. A., Casa, T. M., & Firmender, J. M. (2017). A synthesis of mathematics writing: Assessments, interventions, and surveys. Journal of Writing Research, 8(3), 493-526.

Check out how to engage talented students in mathematically creative writing.

Firmender, J. M., Dilley, A., Amspaugh, C. A., Field, K., Lemay, S., & Casa, T. M. (2017). Beyond doing mathematics: Engaging talented students in mathematically creative writing. Gifted Child Today, 40(4), 205-211.

Read how mathematical writing stands out as disciplinary-specific writing.

Colonnese, M. W., Amspaugh, C. M., LeMay, S., Evans, K., & Field, K. (2018). Writing in the disciplines: How math fits into the equation. The Reading Teacher, 72(3), 379-387.