Resources for Elementary Mathematical Writing

Available Resources:

Click this link for the types of and purposes for elementary mathematical writing: Casa, T. M., Firmender, J. M., Cahill, J., Cardetti, F., Choppin, J. M., Cohen, J., … Zawodniak, R. (2016). Types of and purposes for elementary mathematical writing: Task force recommendations.

Casa, T. M., Evans, K., Firmender, J. M., & Colonnese, M. W. (2017). Why should students write in math class? Educational Leadership (Disciplinary Literacy theme), 74(5), available at¢.aspx.

Powell, S. R., Hebert, M. A., Cohen, J. A., Casa, T M., & Firmender, J. M. (2017). A synthesis of mathematics writing: Assessments, interventions, and surveys. Journal of Writing Research, 8(3), 493-526, available at

Coming Soon:

Firmender, J. M., Casa, T. M., & Colonnese, M. W. (in press). Write on: Reasoning through mathematical writing. Teaching Children Mathematics (theme issue addressing Learning Mathematics Through Reasoning and Problem Solving).

Firmender, J. M., Dilley, A., Amspaugh, C. A., Field, K., Lemay, S., & Casa, T. M. (in press). Beyond doing mathematics: Engaging talented students in mathematically creative writing. Gifted Child Today.

In the works:

Instructional Guidelines for Elementary Mathematical Writing are currently under development. The purpose of the instructional guidelines are to provide teachers and mathematics coaches with recommendations for the implementation of mathematical writing. Check back soon for more information!